Thursday, October 26, 2017

Reducing Children's Dental Anxiety

At the Oyster Bay Family Dentists, we are attentive to the needs of patients of all ages, including children. Although children can feel anxious about seeing the dentist, it is important for them to have regular check-ups. We want to work with parents to make these visits as comfortable as possible.

Children should start making dental visits as soon as their first tooth comes in, so hopefully, the experience won’t seem strange to them by the time they’re school-age. Let children know that the dentists and hygienists are friends who want to help clean their teeth and make sure they’re growing right. It’s not necessary to describe procedures you don’t know your child will need. We can provide children with more detailed explanations of what we’re doing when they arrive and demonstrate our tools to them.

If one parent feels anxious about visiting the dentist, it may be better for a different one to accompany the child. Children will pick up on implications that the parent expects the visit to be painful or scary, such as if they are offered a reward for good behavior, which is why it’s best to treat the visit as routine and casual.

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