Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hygiene with Bridges

Oyster Bay’s Dr. Robert West and Dr. Denise VeyVoda are highly skilled prosthodontists, providing patients with long-lasting replacement teeth. But to ensure lasting oral health, patients need to know how their hygienic routines will change to accommodate structures such as a fixed bridge.

In the same way that patients slide floss along the sides of their teeth, they should also slide floss along the underside of the bridge. Some companies manufacture specialty floss with stiffened tips that can be threaded through the gap between the bridge and the gum. But patients can also use a threader, which is like a soft, flexible sewing needle, to loop normal floss.

Bridges that are secured with implants instead of resting on natural teeth may have a bit more space for patients to work with. Electric toothbrush and water pick manufacturers are now designing adjustable heads for their devices that can be used on implants. Patients also get good results from using a proxy brush, also known as a Christmas tree brush, to push away food debris.

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