Wednesday, February 12, 2014


In some cases, a decayed or fractured tooth may require more than a filling to restore its function and appearance. At The Oyster Bay Family Dentists, we are happy to offer patients options in repairing damaged teeth, such as crowns.
A dental crown involves a few steps. The process starts by removing the bacteria and tooth decay. In some instances, a root canal may be performed if decay is extensive. The tooth is then prepared for the crown by filing it down in order for the crown to fit. Next, an impression of the tooth is taken. A temporary crown is placed, while the permanent crown is being made in a dental lab.
Crowns are a great choice for restoring a damaged tooth for several reasons. For example, crowns are usually made of porcelain, metal or ceramic and function just like a natural tooth. The color of the crown is matched to your other teeth, so it also is indistinguishable from other teeth. A dental crown is often very durable and with proper oral hygiene can last for fifteen years or longer.
At The Oyster Bay Family Dentists, we offer a range of restorative services. In addition to crowns, we also provide bridges, inlays/onlays and bonding. Our staff is committed to providing you with exceptional service in a state of the art facility.
For more information on dental crowns or any of our other services, please call our office at 516-922-5730.

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