Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Juvaderm Facial Fillers

If you’re making some positive personal improvements for 2013, why not add a more youthful appearance to the list?  To help you achieve a new look, we offer Juvaderm facial fillers at our practice.  This cosmetic service restores the collagen that your face naturally loses overtime, affecting the elasticity of your face.  Some of the most popular reasons that our patients opt for facial fillers are to correct or improve the appearance of:

  • ·         Emotion lines

  • ·         Wrinkles

  • ·         Pits and scars

  • ·         Sunken cheeks

  • ·         Lip augmentation

The results of Juvaderm last for about a year.  If you are seeking a non-permanent, nonsurgical alternative to a facelift, contact our office to learn more about how Juvaderm facial fillers can provide you with the results you desire. 

Call and make your appointment  in January and receive a free consultation and $50 toward your first treatment.


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