Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rotary Endodontics for Smoother Root Canals

With the technological advances in dental equipment, many dental procedures have changed over the years. One of these advances we use here in our office called rotary endodontics has improved the process of a root canal, making the procedure, quicker, quieter, and more comfortable. Root canals used to have a scary reputation, which is why The Oyster Bay Family Dentists of Oyster Bay, NY have chosen to utilize rotary endodontics.

In the past, performing a root canal included using a manual file made of steel. Rotary endodontics uses an electric drill that has a much more flexible file made of titanium alloy. The more flexible file lets us drill deep into the root canal without stretching or damage. This means a much more comfortable experience during and after a root canal. Root canals are now usually no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. Rotary endodontics also make root canals a much quieter process, so those who get anxious about hearing the drilling will be able to relax more. Rotary endodontics also makes the process of a root canal quicker, a benefit for both the patient and the dentist.

Our patients' comfort and health are our top priorities which is why we choose to update our office with advanced technology. To learn more about the technology we use here in our Oyster Bay, NY office, call The Oyster Bay Family Dentists at (516) 922-5730 or visit our website, www.oysterbaydentists.com

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