Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Occlusal Adjustments in Oyster Bay, NY

Patients with a sore jaw after chewing, sensitive areas in the mouth, and easily injured teeth may have a misaligned bite. This can cause major pain, damage, and trouble eating. Fortunately, The Oyster Bay Family Dentists of Oyster Bay, NY can perform occlusal adjustments on our patients right here in our office!

An occlusal adjustment makes minor changes to the teeth so that they can line up correctly. When teeth are misaligned, biting and chewing can create uneven pressure on the jaw. The jaw joints and the muscles surrounding them can become fatigued and sore. Teeth also experience unnatural pressure. They can become worn down in areas which can lead to sensitivity and injury. Fractures are common with misaligned teeth.

In order to correct this problem, we use advanced computer technology to detect the abnormalities in the bite. We can precisely identify areas of the mouth that need adjustments. To adjust these areas, we use a very fine filling stone. Our technology allows us to make the adjustments as accurately as possible so that there is not any extra enamel being filed than is needed.

If you are experiencing an uneven feeling jaw, soreness and sensitivity, you may want to come in for a visit. To schedule with The Oyster Bay Family Dentists here in Oyster Bay, NY, call our office at (516) 922-5730 or visit our website,

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