Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mini Implants for Smaller Replacements and More Stable Dentures

When looking for a permanent tooth replacement, it is nice to have options. This is why The Oyster Bay Family Dentists choose to offer mini dental implants to our patients in the Oyster Bay, NY area who need alternative options for permanent tooth replacement.

Mini dental implants are about half the size of a full-sized dental implant. This means several things. They fit into smaller places, they are faster to install, and they can be used to stabilize dentures.

Because of their small size, mini implants are great for narrow spaces where a full-sized implant would not fit. Their small size also allows a faster installation and faster healing. While full-sized implants need several months to heal before the permanent crown can be attached, mini implants can often be completed in the same day. The implant does not require an incision to place it, so healing time is much shorter. This is great news for patients who cannot wait several months for a permanent tooth replacement.

Mini implants also work as a more stable platform for dentures. Dentures can be made to clip onto mini implants that are placed along the gum line. Four to six implants are placed and the dentures clipped right in for a tight and perfect fit.

Options are always great to have. To learn more about the mini implant option, contact The Oyster Bay Family Dentists here in Oyster Bay, NY. Call us at (516) 922-5730 or visit our website, www.oysterbaydentists.com.

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