Monday, September 30, 2013

How Smoking Affects Post Op Extractions

How Smoking Affects Post Op Extractions

Following a tooth extraction, the mouth should be carefully protected to minimize any risk of complications or compromise in healing.  This is an especially important consideration for smokers. Smoking cigarettes within the first forty-eight hours of a tooth extraction could increase the risk of treatment site complications, including the development of a dry socket, or alveolar osteitis. The risk is greatly increased within the first few hours of the post op, so it’s best to avoid cigarettes for as long as possible.

While tobacco can be harmful to long term oral health, the immediate issue of smoking after an extraction is the inhaling and pressure in the mouth that occurs in the physical act of smoking.  This can worsen pain and complicate healing. If you cannot go for an extended time without a cigarette, it may be best to prepare for your extraction procedure and post op by using a nicotine patch several days prior to your appointment.

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